Real Estate Agents: 7 Tips For Self-Care

Real estate agents can sense it coming- the busy housing season. Everyone will want to move; timelines will be tight, inventory low, and your spouse will want to take a vacation because the kids are on summer break. How will you survive? We’ve gathered seven high impact self-care strategies to help you cope with this stressful time.

  • Energy- Create it and conserve it. Don’t skip lunch or rush through a fast-food lunch while driving. Take time, evenhealthy eating, health, nutrition, self-care, stress, rest 15 minutes, to eat a healthy meal. You can also make use of the lunch hour by scheduling client or partner lunch meetings. This fuel will help keep you awake and focused. Also, get some . Let’s be real, any business that happens after 10pm can wait until the next day!
  • Slow down a little- Mistakes happen when you are rushed and stressed.  You will not get more done by rushing, and may just create problems that you will have to spend time fixing.
  • Pick your battles- Taking on anything and everything, especially during a busy and stressful time, is a poor decision. Your energy and focus are at a premium at this time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or refer business.
  • Single task- This is a powerful strategy and could prove to make your busy season tolerable. In short, your brain is more effective and you create less mental stress for yourself when you focus on one task at a time instead of toggling between many. I’ve provided links to a few great articles about single tasking and how to train your brain to focus. Here is one about Why Single Tasking Makes You Smarter. And here is a great read about the 10 Reasons Single Tasking Is Better Than Multitasking.
  • Don’t make work for yourself during the slow times- If business is flowing and your find yourself with a 30 minutes to spare, enjoy it! Take a quick walk, meditate, or listen to music. Your time will be better spent by taking a few deep breaths rather than starting a new project.
  • Postpone major life decisions- During the busy season, you may be too frazzled and distracted to think clearly. To the best that you can do not plan on buying a home, moving, or making other major decisions during this time.

Nap, Napping, stress, rest, health, healthy, reduce stress, self-careDon’t try to blast through the whole summer- Take a break. A quick weekend away or a even a long afternoon lounging by your pool can do wonders to rejuvenate you. The season WILL end, but there is no reason wiping yourself out in the meantime!

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