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2018-11-27 11:01:00
You should ALWAYS use a Realtor® When Buying New Construction!

Why bring your Realtor® with you when buying new construction?

Why in the world would you bring a Realtor® with you when you are shopping for a home at a new construction community? The agent in the sales office is sure to take your best interests in mind, all of the contract documents will be easy to understand, and why wouldn’t they offer you the best mortgage rates?

Not only are those ideas wrong, they are potentially catastrophic for your home purchase!

Please, take a Realtor with you when shopping for new home!

Reason #1- Why not? You will get all of the following benefits at NO COST TO YOU. That’s right, the seller pays the your New Construction, new home, new home buyer, representationagent's commission. And, if you don’t bring an agent with you, there is no refund or credit for the commission the seller would have paid your agent.

Reason #2- YOU need representation. The seller’s agent may be very professional but they work for the builder, not you! Your agent will represent your best interests and will know the best and most creative ways to negotiate on your behalf.

Reason #3- You will save a lot of time. Your agent is likely to know the communities that are in the most desirable locations, and that have the best amenities and floor plans for you. They can direct you to builders with the best reputation, customer service, and in-house lending. This information will save you time by helping you to quickly identify the best communities for you to consider.

Reason #4- Your agent knows more than you (about real estate!). Your agent will help you understand what comes standard in your new home, and will help you decide upon upgrades that are highest return-on-investment (here’s a great article about that). They will also make sure that all paperwork is in order and that everything is in writing and clear to you. Understanding the complex and often confusing sales and homeowner’s association documents is your agent’s job!

Reason #5- There are things that you would have never remembered to ask, that you agent will- such as; how long will construction be going on in this area? Is cable service already available in this neighborhood? What additional building/amenities are planned for the area? Is this builder financial stable? Will I be charged if I change my mind about upgrades? Will the builder extend their warranty? Is there a better mortgage product out there or did I settled for the in-house lender? Do I know what I am financially responsible for (front yard landscaping, etc.)?

Finally, it is important to know that you must take your agent with you on your FIRST visit to a new community. You will be asked to register in the sales office and if your agent isn’t with you, you won’t be allowed to have them represent you at that community!

new home, new construction, representation, building, builderStill on the fence about whether to buy new or wait for a resale home? Here’s a great article that may help. And of course, we're always here to answer your questions!

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